This post is dedicated to all the hard-working moms and dads out there who, despite your best efforts, may resort to what I call the "2nd nanny", the television. Or the iPad. Or the smart phone. It puts children into "zombie mode" which is AWESOME, but probably not the best state of being in the long term. 

When the snow is falling and my kids have already watched The Nightmare Before Christmas all the way through (and then the opening song a second time), when leaving the tv on would be so EASY to do, I yell, "BATHTIME in mommy's tub tonight!!" and the kids come running!

Bathtime is a mega multi-tasker: 1. Kids get clean; 2. Bubbles = hours of entertainment; 3. Submerged bath toy scavenger hunt = 10 more minutes of entertainment; 4. Kids tend to get along swimmingly in the tub (warm water = comfort & contentment); 5. You get to hang out in the bathroom and read a magazine while your little fishies splash about happily (warning = guard your valuables, water spray imminent).

Suave Kids 3-in-1 Wash (watermelon a favorite) makes major suds so no need to buy additional bubble bath.

And did I mention mommy's bathtub has jets? INSTANT BUBBLE TSUNAMI.

So next time you're burnt out on craft-making and cookie-baking and book-reading and monster-trucking and tea-partying, next time it's cold outside and there's no chance of park-playing or bike-riding, get your little guppies out of their clothes and into the bubbles. Then close the toilet lid, sit your weary limbs down and say a little prayer of gratitude for the next few minutes of exuberance (them) and bliss (you)...