Core Strengthening for Yogis

Good morning, yoga fans! I wanted to send you my latest article on MINDBODYGREEN,


in which I share some great exercises to strengthen your shoulders, abs, back and hips. Add these to your core strengthening repertoire, and you'll be practicing yoga safely for years to come.

Below you'll see my Cat Back Hover. It may look like a kitten-level exercise, but I dare you to hold it for 8 breaths (it's a beast!)...

Enjoy, and happy, healthy practicing!

Xoxoxo... Lara

The Beauty of the Bow

Take a moment, right now, and observe your posture. Are you hunched over your laptop, tablet or phone, slumped, a slowly collapsing "C", looking and feeling like a 100-year old Empress Dowager? Time to sit up straight and read about why you need more BOW POSE in your life!

Our socio-cultural environment is centered around the Screen, drawing you forward and down into its hypnotizing blue-iode dream.

This wreaks havoc on the spine, let's count the ways: 

- Reverses the natural, stable curve of the lower back, weakening the lumbar muscles and creating an environment for potential disc bulges or herniation

- Requires the hip flexors in the front of the thigh to overwork in its struggle to pull the lower back back into alignment, causing them to grow tight and rigid

- Increases the curvature in the upper back (Kyphosis), weakening the spinal muscles and shortening the front of the shoulder so that proper posture is greatly diminished

- The increased "C" curve in the upper back forces the neck to thrust forward in its effort to align itself properly through gravity, creating tension throughout the neck and shoulders

BOW POSE reverses all of these conditions! Bow is the King of Back Extension exercises and brings the neck, shoulders, spine and hips back into balance. Bow simultaneously lengthens the front of the shoulders, extends the upper back, returns the lumbar back into its natural position, and lengthens the hips flexors. OOOOH, BEAUTIFUL!

When practicing Bow Pose, keep your abdominals drawn in, keep your knees drawing toward one another, and think less of getting up high, but concentrate on GOING LONG, creating a circle from toes to crown of head and back around. Instead of looking up, focus your eyes forward and lift the base of the skull up and back. Practice Bow Pose three times, breathing in and out deeply for five cycles before lowering down in between each rep. Then finish in Child's Pose for a few breaths and let the endorphins flood your body before commencing with your day.

Enjoy the strength, the release, the breath and the Beauty of the Bow...